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You’ve been waiting for years!

It’s finally happening!

You can buy this site! It will be listed at $1500.

All you Greg George’s, this domain is marketing FIRE and you KNOW it!

Social media will never offer the control and legitimacy of your own domain.

WE HOPE TO LIST IN 2023 via GoDaddy/Afternic.

ONCE THE LIST IS LIVE (we’ll say so here), to purchase this domain, you’ll contact GoDaddy at:

1-855-646-1390 (Toll Free in US & Canada)


1-781-373-6808 (International number)

and be prepared to give your first and last name, email, phone number & country.

But until that listing happens, you can contact us via this page’s form below. A lot of changes are happening for us; a ton is going on and we appreciate your patience; please persist if we don’t find your email right away. However, waiting and contacting GoDaddy will be truly the best route as they are the ones facilitating the sale, they have the best answers to questions, and they will do the necessary transfers. Thanks and good luck!

To contact Administrator regarding sale of this site, please fill out all fields the form below, answer the quiz question, and hit “Send”.

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